The Honey Pot

Hemp Seed Nutrition and The Buzz About Meluka Australia’s Hemp Seed Honey

Posted on March 23 2020

If you’ve followed us for a while, you’ll know we are passionate about showcasing the unique health benefits of Australia’s native botanical species. This week we’re shining the spotlight on the powerful health benefits of hemp seeds.  Meluka Australia’s infused range combines our native raw honey with nutrient-rich, plant-based whole...
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The Melaleuca Alternifolia Tea Tree

Posted on March 09 2020

This week we are celebrating Melaleuca Alternifolia Tea Tree! We are in awe of this powerful Australian native that provides the spiritual pulse to Meluka Australia’s operations. What are tea trees? A species of the Myrtaceae (Myrtle) family, the Melaleuca Alternifolia is the same species of tea tree that produces...
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What is Bioactive Honey?

Posted on February 26 2020

This week we’re shining the spotlight on what makes Meluka’s tea tree honey a bioactive honey. We know that not all honey is created equal, and if you’re considering using medicinal honey, it’s important to be well informed so that you can make the right choice.  Read on to learn...
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Meluka Australia’s Raw Honey: Facts, Benefits, and Where To Buy?

Posted on February 12 2020

Australia's Bungawalbin Valley region provides our bees with some of the cleanest and greenest bush in the world to forage from.  Australian tea tree (Melaleuca alternifolia), along with a wide variety of native Australian botanical species such as jelly bush (Leptospermum), eucalyptus and other seasonal wildflowers grow in abundance throughout the...
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Meluka Honey vs Manuka Honey: What is the Difference?

Posted on February 05 2020

It’s arrived! We’re kickstarting our first Meluka Australia blog post with one of the most common questions we get asked - the difference between Meluka and Manuka honey! About Meluka Australia Firstly, a little about us. We proudly own and operate one of the largest organic tea tree plantations in the...
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