Raw Honey vs. Regular Honey

At Meluka Australia, we cherish our ancient mother trees for providing the spiritual pulse to our sustainable practices. In our previous blog, we discussed the health benefits of eating plant-based foods. This week, we’re exploring the differences between raw and regular honey. 


What Makes Regular Honey…Regular?

It’s no secret that raw and regular honey is processed differently, leading to noticeable distinctions between the two—especially in quality. In a world where our bee population is in danger, people are more concerned about sustainability than ever. Shoppers are buying honey that’s better for the environment, and not just whichever they come across first at the grocery store. 

Searching for honey at the store can be challenging if you pride yourself on being healthy and environmentally conscientious. Is there anything on the label you should avoid? Is raw honey superior to regular honey? 

What Makes Regular Honey…Regular?


First, we must define regular honey. Regular, or pasteurised honey, is smooth and clear. It’s the kind you see sitting on grocery store shelves. Pasteurisation is the process that destroys the yeast found in honey by applying high heat. Although it improves the honey’s appearance, it also makes it artificial. Furthermore, it can destroy healthful antioxidants, which can prevent damage to cells caused by free radicals, also known as unstable molecules. 

 Most commercial kinds of honey are further processed by undergoing ultrafiltration. Ultrafiltration is an extra step to refine honey, making it more transparent; however, it can strip it of its enzymes. Enzymes are biological molecules that speed up the rate of the chemical reactions that take place within cells. Additionally, ultrafiltration can also remove bee pollen, which is linked to impressive health benefits, such as fighting inflammation and improving liver function. 

If you buy regular honey, you know the label on the bottle is packed with a list of ingredients, and you may be unfamiliar with most of them. Regular honey is infamous for containing added sweeteners, such as high-fructose corn syrup.


The Raw Truth About Raw Honey

Raw honey is one of nature’s best gifts. It’s packed with nutrients, pairs well with many foods and it’s tasty! It’s described as honey “as it exists in the beehive.” Raw honey isn’t processed to keep it as nature intended, so you can rest assured it will never be pasteurised. Furthermore, raw honey is gently strained, not ultrafiltered, removing unwanted pieces from the beehive while retaining all the other goodies.

Beekeepers make sure to preserve raw honey’s natural qualities when extracting and bottling it. Best of all, they also take care of their bees to produce sustainable, natural honey. The best beekeepers prioritise the well-being of bees and their bounty, and not just profit from them. 

The Raw Truth About Raw Honey


Moreover, raw honey is full of nutrients, vitamins, enzymes and antioxidants. Thanks to these abundant benefits, it serves as the perfect replacement to processed sugar. Processed sugar has zero benefits, and too much of it can deplete your energy throughout the day. Remember, these health benefits can only be preserved in raw honey, whereas regular, pasteurised honey is just another processed sugar. 

With raw honey, you know exactly what’s inside the bottle: honey! You don’t have to worry about mysterious additives that only imitate the look of honey to fill up bottles and save costs. When you switch to raw honey, you’ll consume a product free of common pesticides, herbicides and antibiotics. Additionally, raw honey boasts pollen, which is always a plus. Pollen allows us to trace our honey back to its source to verify if it’s 100%, real honey.  

Did you know raw honey can be preserved for centuries? If you keep it in a closed container, it won’t expire. 


Enjoy Meluka Australia’s Native Raw Honey as Mother Nature Intended

When it comes to eating healthy honey, your safest bet is to eat raw honey, so you know exactly what you’re getting. Meluka Australia’s Native Raw Honey is produced by healthy bees that forage the pristine healing grounds of Australia’s Bungawalbin Valley.

Our delicious, everyday honey is certified organic, single-origin, unprocessed, raw and fully traceable back to the master beekeeper. 

Here are a few of our favourite ways to use our raw honey:

Simply spread on toast

Use in your favourite recipes

Add to smoothies

Drizzle over cheese

Add to cereal

Stir into your tea or coffee

Enjoy straight from the spoon

If you can’t get enough of Meluka Australia’s Native Raw Honey, you can purchase a six-pack of it and save 5%! 


About the Healing Grounds of Bungawalbin Valley

Journey with us to the picturesque coastal regions of Northern New South Wales where, deep in the Bungawalbin Valley’s old-growth forest, you’ll find thousand-year-old mother trees in an untouched and organic surrounding. It’s within these healing grounds where our certified organic farm thrives and where we draw inspiration for the natural health products we offer. We pledge our commitment to protecting our unique ecosystem by using sustainable practices.

Yours, the Meluka family

About the Healing Grounds of Bungawalbin Valley

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