Bee Health and Sustainability

Bee Health and sustainability is at the forefront of our honey operations.

It is no longer a secret that our precious bees are under threat. Recent news coverage has brought to light the unfortunate truth that bee populations around the globe are decreasing due to Colony Collapse Disorder, the Varroa Destructor parasitic mite and the use of pesticides on crops from which the bees collect pollen.

One of the biggest threats to bee health is exposure to toxic chemical pesticides used in non-organic farming. Providing 2000 acres of certified organic farmland from where bees can collect pollen is one of the reasons why the bee population is flourishing at Meluka farm.

Bee Health and Sustainability - Meluka AU

While our bees are busy at work harvesting nectar from the Bungawalbin’s organic and diverse bio network of flora, we pledge our commitment to creating Australia’s healthiest certified organic honey, protecting our unique ecosystem and sustainable beekeeping practices.