3 signs your body needs probiotics

Probiotics live naturally in your body, but sometimes you need an extra dose in order to fight off sickness, get rid of bloating or balance out a course of antibiotics. The trick is knowing the signs that you might need probiotics– which is where we come in! Read on to learn everything you need to know about probiotics, as well as the signs your body needs them.

Probiotics – what are they?

Probiotics are a combination of live bacteria and yeasts that live naturally in the human body. Unfortunately, the term ‘bacteria’ gets a bad rep in the general community. But there are both good and bad bacteria, and probiotics are extremely beneficial to our bodies. While bad bacteria can cause you to get sick, good bacteria (aka probiotics) takes up space and crowds out the bad bacteria to help fight the sickness.

Getting to know Postbiotics

Postbiotics are naturally occurring bioactive compounds that appear after probiotic bacteria digests and breaks down prebiotic food in your colon. Fibre and raw honey are some of the most common examples of prebiotic foods. Postbiotics deliver beneficial bioactive metabolites directly to your digestive system, bypassing the need for your body to metabolise them as it would need to with probiotics. Many of the positive effects that probiotics deliver can be linked to postbiotics, with there being a strong symbiotic relationship between postbiotics and maintaining our gut health.

What do probiotics and postbiotics do for your body?

Studies have shown that they can help:

  • Balance the good bacteria in your digestive system.
  • Treat and prevent diarrhoea.
  • Keep your heart healthy.
  • Reduce the severity of some allergies and even eczema.
  • Boost your immune system.
  • Reduce symptoms of certain digestive disorders.
  • Support nutrient absorption.
  • Encourage weight management and support metabolic health.
  • Improve some mental health conditions.
  • Balancing mood and stress.

3 signs you need probiotics (and postbiotics!)

The 3 most common signs are if:

  1. You’ve recently taken antibiotics and need to balance out the bacteria in your system.
  2. You find that you’re prone to falling sick.
  3. You experience constant digestive discomforts (e.g. gas, reflux, irregular bowels), feel bloated frequently or have skin issues.

Why Meluka products are the must have products you need to support gut health

Now that you know you need them, how do you actually get them into your system? There are lots of different ways to ingest probiotics and postbiotics, such as in tablets and capsules, but a more natural way is in the form of food and drink. The good news is that Meluka has a variety of options when it comes to getting a much-needed hit of probiotics and postbiotics, with tasty options that you will enjoy coming back to.

Raw Honey Probiotic Concentrate – in Original and Lemon flavour– is bio-fermented, 100% natural and helps support your gut health and immune system. From six multi-strains of probiotics, each 15mL serve provides billions of gut-loving bacteria to deliver more goodness to your body. If you're experiencing skin concerns or bloating, try the Hydrolysed Marine Collagen option- this has a daily boost of over 3000MG of marine collagen, an ingredient widely recognised for its skin health benefits, alongside it's amino acid and protein content can also help with gut health by reducing inflammation and fuelling cell growth and repair. It is also easier to absorb.


Struggling with constant symptoms of digestive comforts and often reaching for antacids? P3 Gut Builder is a fast track to experiencing better gut health. Rapidly build up your gut health with a specially selected combination of 2 sources of prebiotics, 8 multi-strain probiotics and 2 multi-strain postbiotics. Essential ingredients for cultivating a healthy gut microbiome. As a postbiotic, it is a bioactive compound- this means it is more bioavailable and bypasses your body's natural metabolic process to deliver the gut health benefits straight to your digestive system to start restoring balance back to the microbiome. Start your day with this powerful gut health booster- enjoy it as a tasty health shot or a refreshing drink.



Ready to take targeted action for your gut health? Take control of your gut health with Gut Nutrition powders; a 3-step functional gut health system. The complete Gut Nutrition system of powders helps to reset, restore balance and nourish your digestive system. The three powders can be used together if you are looking to kickstart their gut health, or individually to target specific gut health concerns. Mild in flavour, the powders can be easily added to food or simply stirred into water. It’s easy to add to your current diet to help you feel in control of your gut health.



Explore the full range of Meluka products to support your health today. You can also get easy and healthy ideas over on our blog, and find tasty raw recipes for ongoing health and wellness. Make sure to tag us on Instagram and Facebook if you try out a new recipe featuring our products!

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