Meluka Honey

Meluka Honey is produced from healthy bees foraging from some of the most protected, cleanest and greenest native bush in the world. This incredible source allows us to produce honey that is superior in both taste and quality.

When bees are foraging from areas that have been harvested by humans, affected by non-organic products and are essentially not a clean place for bees to reproduce, the quality of the honey they produce will be significantly affected.

Our incredible Meluka Honey products incorporate the optimal environment from which the bees are flourishing. Foraging from the ancient mother trees they are creating honey with identified compounds that have established antibacterial properties and benefits. From our beautiful mother trees and native bush, the range of Meluka Honey made at Jendale is a true offering of raw, organic, single origin, active and pure Australian tea tree honey with life-changing benefits.

Meluka Honey’s activity is assessed by the total activity of 8 or more compounds and potency levels vary from product to product.


Meluka Honey - Bee Harvesting Process From Trees To Honey