Healthy Bees

Bees, just as humans, need a balanced diet. It helps them to sustain their health, live a better, more productive life and, most importantly, ensure the spawning of healthy offspring. 


When bees are harvesting they are essentially creating a food supply, for themselves and to feed the next generation as they develop. They collect pollen to make honey ensuring they get enough natural sugars and protein to generate enough energy to forage and so on goes the beautiful cycle.

Sadly, bees around the world have been facing a huge challenge in their way of life as their natural environments are destroyed.  You may have heard ‘the world needs bees’, well right now ‘the bees need the world’.

We need to make drastic changes before these incredible creatures are gone.

Devastatingly, there are places on our planet where people have to artificially simulate the spreading of pollen as bee populations have all but completely disappeared. In Australia, most tea tree plantations are harvested every year, meaning they will not flower as often which limits the bees ability to harvest, therefore resulting in a diminishing population.

This is just one reason why our farms and in particular, the old growth Tea Trees, are a key element of the incredible honey our bees are producing.  When the bees harvest from our beautiful native Australian vegetation including Melaleuca Tea Tree, eucalyptus and wildflowers they are not only creating quality honey, they are delivering more of it.

The Northern coastal region of NSW, where we are located, has a number of species that are classified as 'tea tree'. These varying species grow throughout our property offering the bees an incredible variety of food options in this beautiful, natural environment.  We have observed the bees go back to their favourites, which we have recognised to be the Melaleuca Alternifolia.  It has now been proven to aid the bees as they support the sustainability of strong healthy hives, producing honey to help the next generation of bees flourish.

Bryan Easson, caretaker of Jendale’s old growth trees, is not only passionate about preserving these beloved trees, his pledge to sustainability and a future environment extend to the incredible significance of bees in all of our lives. One of the biggest threats to bee populations around the world is the destruction of their natural ecosystems, making Jendale so very important for the sustainability of healthy beehives naturally producing quality organic honey.