Voney: Why our Vegan Honey is a Healthy Alternative to Other Sweeteners

Want all the deliciousness and health benefits of honey to match your vegan diet? Our vegan honey – known as Voney – is a great-tasting, healthier option to most common sweeteners. It’s the latest release in a long line of fantastic Meluka products, so here’s everything you need to know about Voney.

We created Voney so that we could continue to offer a new range of plant-based honey that caters to everyone’s wider lifestyle choices and dietary needs. With our vegan honey – also known as Voney – you get an all-vegan and plant-based product that mimics the delightful flavour of our Native Wildflower Raw Honey (that’s right, no bees are used in the creation of this honey!). It is also infused with a variety of health benefits.

Similar to traditional honey, the enjoyable sweetness and flavour of Voney comes from botanicals and plants. While traditional honey is derived from nectar gathered by bees, we've crafted Voney's flavour from native botanicals and other plant types without the participation of bees.

Many vegans choose to stay away from bee-derived honey and instead use other types of natural sweeteners. These include everything from maple syrup to agave syrup to blackstrap molasses. The problem with these natural alternatives is that they often have a high sugar content, which can end up being an unhealthy option for your overall wellbeing.

What’s so special about Voney?

Meluka Australia Voney is our newest product that aims to provide vegans with a healthy, plant-based alternative to regular honey. As producers of raw honey products, we've tasted a lot of great tasting honey over the years – that’s why we are so excited for you to try our Voney. It’s made from native Australian botanicals and chicory, and delivers the same great Meluka taste without any animal products included. It’s guilt-free vegan honey that can elevate a wide variety of food and drink recipes – from a dollop in your morning tea, to smoothies, salads, sweet treats and more.

Even better, with a vegan alternative like Meluka Voney, you know you’re getting a plant-based and delicious honey-style product without the high amounts of sugar like you often find in maple syrup and other sweeteners – plus plenty of infused health benefits that are a staple of the Meluka range. This includes prebiotic fibre from chicory root, which delivers exceptional gut-health benefits, as well as antioxidant content from Australian native botanicals like Kakadu Plum and Rosella.

A healthy honey alternative for vegans

We love honey – especially raw honey with all of its many health properties. But we understand that everyone has different dietary needs and lifestyle choices, so we wanted to offer an inclusive alternative that caters to vegans while still making our Voney delicious, healthy and versatile.

With Meluka Voney, vegans and everyday honey lovers can get a plant-based, natural sweetener as part of their diet. You can enjoy a fantastic new product made from native botanicals and chicory – which gives Voney its unique, expressive flavour profile – and start sharing fun Voney-infused recipes with your family and friends, whether they are vegan or not!

We created Meluka Australia Voney to be enjoyed by everyone, not just vegans. So whether you already love using our raw honey or simply want to add a vegan option to your diet, Meluka Voney is a healthy plant-based alternative to satisfy your sweet tooth.
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