The Connection Between Your Gut and Your Overall Wellbeing

We have a good gut feeling, thanks to our new release, Bio-Fermented Probiotic Concentrate with Native Honey and Lemon!  We’ve complemented our range of raw, organic tea tree and honey derived products with a new probiotic tonic that combines the benefits of our native raw honey, with carefully selected multi-strain probiotics to improve your digestive health.  

Since the release of Meluka Australia’s Probiotic Concentrate to the Australian market, we’ve received positive feedback from our customers about the benefits Meluka’s gut friendly tonic has had on their health.


An Overview of Gut Health

Our amazing bodies are full of trillions of bacteria, fungi and microbes, making up what is essentially our gut microbiome – one that is unique to us all. Like a forest, our microbiome houses a diverse community of organisms that keeps our bodies happy and healthy. Some of these organisms are crucially important for our immune system, cardiovascular health, and other aspects of health, like weight management and mental health. 

The quality of the food we consume is a major contributor to creating a diverse ecosystem of healthy bacteria.  Whilst we all strive to make food choices that are as healthy as possible, sometimes it can become a little overwhelming.  That’s where supplements can have their place in a healthy diet regime. Supplementing our diet with beneficial probiotics can accelerate the path to achieving a healthy and balanced digestive system.


Discover why gut health is essential to your overall wellbeing

Have you heard the theory that our gut is our second brain?  Gut feelings or “butterflies” in your stomach are a good indication that the gut-brain connection is real.

Our immune health is linked to our gut health, they essentially support each other. Our gut microbiome plays an important role in boosting immune function and healthy bacteria are important for our immune system. A healthy immune system defends against harmful microbes in our bodies, so it’s vital to ensure our immune health is at its peak to cope with daily environmental exposures in our lives. 

Busy lifestyles and related issues can affect our digestive health. We all have different stressors, be it work, family, environmental or an unhealthy diet that can make us feel out of balance and effect our gut health. Poor digestive health can lead to disturbances like gas, bloating, bad breath, poor mood and food intolerances.

We know we can aid of our digestive health with the right food choices, but lifestyle modifications can also support a change for the better. Does daily stress affect your body? You may benefit from implementing a few small lifestyle changes to keep you feeling your best.

  • Make quality sleep a priority – this one is essential.   As we know, there are so many benefits to sleep like improving concentration and productivity, improving immune function, recharging for the next day.
  • Take a little time out for yourself – introduce a bit of ritual – it could be diffusing a cleansing essential oil and taking a few minutes to meditate, or enjoying a hot cup of honey sweetened tea while listening to a favourite podcast or playlist and reflecting on where you are at emotionally that day. 
  • Making the effort to undertake some form of regular (enjoyable!) exercise to reduce stress levels and aid in your overall health.
  • Be kind to yourself – striving to be more supportive and appreciative of yourself can really help to shift your mindset.  
  • This one is super important – eat a nutritious diet and supplement you daily health regime with high quality probiotics to feel good from the inside out.  Balance your energy levels with nutritious food like Meluka’s range of native, tea tree and hemp seed honey and enjoy a shot of our daily tonic to keep your gut healthy and happy.  


Introducing Your New Daily Tonic!

Meluka Australia’s Probiotic Concentrate is a multi-purpose and versatile product.  Enjoy your tonic, your way. 

We are offered a lot of probiotic options in today’s market, so we bet you're asking what it is that makes Meluka Australia’s probiotic tonic stand out from the rest? 

It’s the unique combination of our native honey with carefully selected probiotic strains (or different types of bacteria) that are bio-fermented to deliver more goodness to your gut. 

The journey begins in the hive where Meluka’s native wildflower honey is produced by healthy bees foraging from the nectar of native Australian tea tree (Melaleuca alternifolia), jelly bush (Leptospermum), eucalyptus and other seasonal wildflowers that grow in abundance throughout the Northern New South Wales Bungawalbin region, where Meluka’s farms are located. Each season the flavour varies slightly, depending on what’s flowering at the time.

The next stage is the transformation – it’s where Meluka’s unique fermentation process takes place, or essentially when the healthy microbes convert the honey’s naturally occurring sugars into their energy. The result is a 100% natural, bioactive concentrate that’s naturally gluten, lactose and alcohol free. Each 15ml serve contains six billion colony-forming units (CFUs), or total bacteria count, measured in NKCA, when compared to a 25 billion pure probiotic. 

Meluka Australia’s Probiotic Concentrate is a multi-purpose and versatile product.

Tip: you’ll love our concentrate for its shelf stability too.  Refrigeration once opened is optional, so you can keep yours in the pantry, at your desk or in the fridge, ready to go when you are. What’s even better is one bottle provides for a full month supply!


We’d love to hear how you use your Probiotic Concentrate.  Share your recipes with us at @meluka


This product is fabulous, Shari, Meluka customer
A must buy, Stephen, Meluka customer
This is amazing! Just ordered 2, Anthony, Meluka customer


Ready to enjoy a happy, healthy gut?

We’re excited to announce our release of Meluka Australia’s Bio-Fermented Concentrate with Native Honey and Lemon to the US market via Amazon and our e-commerce site is coming soon.  Follow us to be the first to receive our updates!


We’ve also been fermenting in our honey HQ! We know natural fermentation has been popular for centuries, creating beneficial enzymes and rich probiotic bacteria, so we’ve also been experimenting with a combination of our tea tree honey and powerful garlic. Visit our socials and try our recipe to create your immune boosting batch of fermented honey garlic - the perfect home remedy to have on hand for the cold and flu season in combination with a spoonful a day of Meluka’s tea tree honey as a preventative.

Meluka Australia’s Probiotic Concentrate is a multi-purpose and versatile product.

Do you have an interest in medicinal honey? If you haven’t yet tried Meluka Australia’s tea tree honey, now’s the time. Post harvest, Meluka’s native honey is infused with our own product tea tree extract., resulting in a honey that is high in bioactivity, that can be used as a functional food and topical wound aid. 


What is the difference between tree extract and tea tree oil? Tea tree oil is a concentrated product that is extracted by steam distillation of the leaves and branches of the Melaleuca alternifolia tea tree. It’s important to note tea tree oil is highly toxic and should not be ingested. Meluka’s tea tree extract is produced via an alternate extraction method to create an aqueous (or water based) extract, that delivers the signature benefits of tea tree. Our offering comprises of two medicinal honeys in varying strengths, TTF24 and TTF32.  Read more here

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