Support our bees this Australian Pollinator Week

It’s easy to forget just how vital pollinators are to our ecosystem – but without them, life as we know it would change dramatically. That’s why initiatives like Australian Pollinator Week are so important to spread awareness and help battle the problems facing our pollinator population.

What is Australian Pollinator Week?

Since 2015, Australian Pollinator Week (13–21 November 2021) has been a time to celebrate the importance of pollinators and spread awareness about the issues facing our global pollinator populations. It’s a designated week full of fun and informative group activities where communities are engaged and encouraged to act on their newfound knowledge.

Pollinators are, for the most part, wild species of more than 20,000 different types – including bees, butterflies, birds, wasps, beetles, moths and more. Honeybees are particularly important for humans, as they are the major pollinators of our food crops. Yet there’s been a massive decline of many pollinators throughout the world in recent decades.

The reasons for such dramatic declines are, unfortunately, but perhaps not unexpectedly, due to human actions. Climate change is making it harder for pollinators to survive, let alone thrive. And increased urbanisation is severely impacting pollinator-friendly habits, both here in Australia and right around the world.

The importance of biodiversity

Pollinators are a central driver of biodiversity. Globally, almost 90% of wild flowering plant species depend on the transfer of pollen by animals. For humans, over three-quarters of global food crops rely on these pollinators for yield and quality, contributing to 35% of global production volume.

It’s clear that pollinators play a vital role in our constantly evolving ecosystem – not just across our natural landscapes, but for agricultural and horticultural purposes as well. 

To help fight back against the issues facing pollinators, Australian Pollinator Week aims to inform and incite action for those who care about our environment and our future. Here’s how you can help make a difference.

How you can support pollinators

If you are interested in attending Australian Pollinator Week this year, there are lots of events happening around the country. Simply head to the Events page and see what’s on in your local area. There’s the annual APW Walk at the Maroochy Regional Bushland Botanic Gardens, as well as a fun Paint Your Pollinator session in Ballarat. There are also plenty of events you can participate in from anywhere in Australia.

Unable to join in on this year’s Australian Pollinator Week? There’s a range of things you can do in your own backyard to make the world just that little bit friendlier to our beloved pollinators. Why not:

  • Plant a pollinator-friendly garden with lots of native flora.
  • Commit to minimising the use of pesticides around your home.
  • Provide additional sources of water for your local pollinators.
  • Purchase honey products from responsibly sourced beehives.
  • Make a donation to pollinator-friendly charities like the Wheen Bee Foundation.

For the month of November, we are offering free seed packets when you purchase any of our wide range of Meluka products. Planting native wildflowers is a quick and easy way to provide bees with a source of nutritious food and friendly habitat. This can be established even in small places and is a great start to growing pollen-rich plants that can support bees throughout the seasons. 

You can also get healthy ideas at our blog, and find tasty recipes for ongoing health and wellness. Once your seeds are planted, don’t forget to share a photo online and tag us so we can see all your wonderful gardens!

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