September is Australian Organic Awareness Month

September is Organic Awareness Month and a great opportunity to raise awareness about why choosing certified organic products where possible, ensures you are making the best choices for you and your family’s health.

There are a myriad of benefits to shopping organic, including the assurance that products are free of chemicals, ensures traceability, ensures free range farming practices, has environmental benefits and of course, the flavour of the produce. We think there’s no better way to shop!

Meluka Australia is affiliated with Australian Certified Organic as our certifying body and we proudly wear the ACO bud logo and USDA logo on our entire range of honey products.  This nationally and internationally recognised certification is a stamp of integrity. It reassures you that all product ingredients have been certified to the Australian Certified Organic Standard (ACOS), prohibiting the use of synthetic chemicals, fertilisers, fungicides and herbicides and ensures producers have met rigorous certification checks.

Sustainability at the forefront

Journey with us to the picturesque coastal regions of Northern New South Wales.  Deep into the old growth forest you’ll find mother trees, spread far and wide, in an untouched, pristine and completely organic surrounding.  What are mother trees? Mother trees are the oldest living trees, cherished for their enduring strength and healing qualities. They thrive at the heart of the forest and provide the spiritual pulse to Meluka Australia’s operations. We are committed to preserving the growth of the mother trees to support the health of our bees so they in turn can continue producing our incredible honey.

Sustainable farming practices ensure that we keep our soil strong and our bees healthy and Australian Organic Awareness Month gives us a great platform to discuss our sustainability practices. It’s about working with nature, not against it. Through sustainable practices, we ensure the environment remains as nature intended.

When harvesting tea tree from within our old growth forest, we practice a lost art called ‘wild crafting’ – a technique to harvest tea tree leaf by hand, that interacts with nature in an unspoiled way that stimulates the biological defence system so the area can remain just as nature intended.

Bees around the world have been facing a huge challenge in their way of life as their natural environments are destroyed.  Devastatingly, there are places on our planet where people have to artificially simulate the spreading of pollen as bee populations have all but completely disappeared. In Australia, most tea tree plantations are harvested every year, meaning they will not flower as often which limits the bees ability to harvest, therefore resulting in a diminishing population.

This is just one reason why our farms and in particular, the old growth tea trees, are a key element of the incredible honey our bees are producing.  When the bees harvest from our beautiful native Australian vegetation including Melaleuca alternifolia tea tree, eucalyptus and wildflowers they are not only creating quality honey, they are delivering more of it. 

 New Product Alert! Our Best Seller, now in a new flavour

We’re pleased to have just announced our best selling Raw Honey Probiotic Concentrate is now available in Original Honey. Enjoy the flavour of Australian raw honey in an easy and delicious drink designed to deliver more goodness to your gut.

Created with Meluka Australia’s innovative bio-fermentation process, Meluka Pro-Culture Honey™, each serve contains 6 billion colony forming units, measured in NKCA, when compared to a 25 billion pure probiotic. It’s an easy and delicious solution to aid your digestive health. Learn more here

To learn more about the Certified Organic difference and Australian Organic Awareness Month, visit ACO’s dedicated webpage Bud Organic

Yours, the Meluka family

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