Hemp seed nutrition and the buzz about Meluka Australia’s hemp seed honey

If you’ve followed us for a while, you’ll know we are passionate about showcasing the unique health benefits of Australia’s native botanical species. This week we’re shining the spotlight on the powerful health benefits of hemp seeds. 

Meluka Australia’s infused range combines our native raw honey with nutrient-rich, plant-based whole foods.  The infused range is complemented by our native honey infused with hemp seed, combining the benefits of our native raw honey with nutrient-rich hemp seed powder in a first of its kind on the market product that is unique, nutritious and delicious. 

What’s in Meluka Australia’s hemp seed honey

We start with our native wildflower honey, produced by bees foraging from the pristine healing grounds of Australia’s Bungawalbin Valley, in the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales. This pristine area is home to native Australian flora such as tea tree, eucalyptus, jelly bush, and other seasonal wildflowers.

The Buzz About Meluka Australia’s Hemp Seed Honey

Our native honey is certified organic, single-origin, raw, unprocessed and fully traceable back to the master beekeeper. Post-harvest, our native honey is infused with organic hemp seed powder creating thick, luscious honey with a sweet and nutty flavor and visible hemp seed goodness. Find our product range here.

What is hemp seed powder? 

Let’s start with the seed.  Hemp seeds are the seeds of a variety of the cannabis Sativa plant species, minus the psychoactive compound found in marijuana.

The whole hemp seed is cold-pressed to separate the seed from the oil.  Separation by cold milling and sieving creates a super fine powder without the use of heat or chemicals. 

Now we know a little more about hemp seed powder, here are 5 reasons we think you’ll love Meluka Australia’s hemp seed honey!


Hemp seeds are a powerhouse of nutrition

There’s a lot of buzz around hemp seeds and rightly so! Hemp seeds are a plant protein, rich in nutritious compounds, including vitamins A, C, D, E and high concentrations of the B-complex vitamins including thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, and pantothenic acid.  

Hemp seeds are high in healthy fats

We know hemp seeds are high in protein, but did you know they’re also rich in essential fatty acids. These are the good fats we want to be consuming! Our bodies don’t produce them, so we need to absorb them from the food we eat.

Hemp seed honey for healthy energy support

Protein gives us a feeling of satiety. A great way to incorporate hemp seed honey into your diet is a spoonful in your pre-workout snack or post-workout smoothie. It’s been said that bodybuilders prefer hemp protein powder instead of soy or pea protein, determined by quality and taste of hemp seed being far superior. 

Something a little unique

Meluka Australia’s native honey infused with hemp seed powder is the first of its kind on the market product.  The perfect combination of sweet and nutty and thick and luscious, this blend is the one you’ll call on when you want something a little bit well, special.  Hint, pair with salty blue cheese on your cheeseboard and wow your family and friends!

The perfect ingredient for your raw recipes

We like our raw recipes to be quick, simple and tasty, and there’s nothing like creating something delicious in your kitchen from scratch!  As well as sweetening our smoothies, yogurt and homemade muesli and granola, we love to use our hemp seed honey in recipes for raw slices and protein balls.  Here’s a bit of cooking inspiration with a recipe that’s always a big hit and the perfect lunchbox snack for school or work.

Meluka Hemp seed honey raw protein balls

The Buzz About Meluka Australia’s Hemp Seed Honey


1 cup of walnuts

1 and a half cups of dates

A teaspoon of desiccated coconut (have more on hand for rolling)

Heaped tablespoon of Meluka’s native honey infused with hemp seed

A teaspoon of cacao powder (optional).


  1. Blitz walnuts in a food processor
  2. Add pitted dates, coconut, cacao and the star ingredient, Meluka’s native honey infused with hemp seed
  3. Blitz again and form into balls
  4. Roll half in desiccated coconut and chill until firm.

We’d love to see your honey creations.  Tag us at #meluka and we’ll share your creations to our IG stories!

Love our honey range? Why not try our new release Bio-fermented probiotic concentrate

Meluka Australia is pleased to announce the release of its Bio-fermented probiotic concentrate to the Australian market. Stay tuned for our release of this product to the US market via Amazon.com in the coming months!

A happy, healthy gut is an important key to maintaining overall health and wellbeing. We’ve combined the benefits of our native raw honey with six multi-strain probiotics, in a 100% natural, bio-active concentrate to support your gut and digestive health.

Meluka’s unique fermentation process involves five stages of bio-fermentation using our native raw honey and a combination of six multi-strain probiotic cultures that play an important role in promoting a healthy gut microflora. The result is a daily, multi-purpose tonic, with a pleasant honey flavour and hint of lemon, rich in beneficial microbes to aid in supporting your digestive health and maintaining a healthy, balanced gut microbiome.

The features and benefits of our multi-purpose tonic you’ll love:

  • Contains six strains of beneficial bacteria
  • Contains six billion CFUs per serving
  • Naturally gluten, lactose and alcohol-free
  • Refrigeration once opened optionally
  • A multi-purpose tonic that can be taken on its own, mixed with water or added to dressings, smoothies, and drinks
  • The taste of native Australian honey with a burst of lemon flavor

    Our farms

    For over 35,000 years, the Melaleuca Alternifolia species has flourished at Meluka’s home, over two thousand acres of pristine rainforest wetlands, nestled deep within Australia’s Bungawalbin Valley. The Bungawalbin Valley has been identified as the birthplace of Melaleuca Alternifolia tea tree. 

    We pledge our commitment to protecting the unique ecosystem and ancient mother trees in the Bungawalbin Valley. Through sustainable practices, we ensure the environment remains as nature intended.

    The Buzz About Meluka Australia’s Hemp Seed Honey

    Want to know more?

    Discover our range of tea tree and honey derived products, produced in the unspoiled healing grounds of the Bungawalbin Valley in the Northern Rivers area of New South Wales, Australia.

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    Yours, the Meluka family 

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