Collagen & Probiotics - Better Together

Meluka Australia’s new Raw Honey Probiotic Concentrate with Collagen now combines the natural benefits of hydrolysed natural marine collagen with the concentrated goodness of probiotics and Australian raw honey in one delicious drink.

By combining collagen and probiotics, these two good ingredients become even better together, providing an incredible range of health benefits, from protecting and preserving your skin to supporting bone, joint and gut health – plus so much more.

Here’s everything you need to know about our newest product and why collagen and probiotics are even more beneficial when consumed together.

Fast facts about collagen

While collagen is our body’s most abundant protein, it naturally declines over time. So as we get older, we need to find more effective ways of raising our collagen levels. This can be done through consuming collagen-rich foods like fish, chicken, egg whites and citrus fruits, or in a concentrate that can be easily taken every day.

Generally, you’ll encounter marine collagen and bovine collagen. While the latter derives from the hides and hooves of cattle, marine collagen comes from the skin of fish. Hydrolysed natural marine collagen, which is used in Meluka Australia products, has a wealth of benefits:

  • Less impactful on the environment.
  • Lower carbon footprint, as marine fisheries produce fewer emissions compared to conventional red-meat production facilities.
  • Fish skins are also already considered by-products of the food industry.
  • Hydrolysis breaks down native marine collagen into smaller protein units (i.e. peptides). These have a lower molecular weight and are therefore more easily absorbed into your body.

Health benefits of collagen

Most people know that collagen-rich foods and concentrates are beneficial for your skin health – they protect and preserve the stores of collagen beneath your skin, and increased moisture means softer and more elastic skin. But collagen does so much more.

Getting enough collagen into your diet promotes the repair and recovery of both muscle and connective tissue. This is extremely beneficial for exercise recovery, especially as you get older. Plus, it supports bone and joint health.

Combining collagen with probiotics

On their own, collagen and probiotics offer a wide variety of health benefits. But these benefits become supercharged when you combine the two health-boosting ingredients together. That’s why with a product like Meluka Australia’s Collagen Probiotic Concentrate, which combines the very best of both collagen and probiotics, you can enjoy:

  • Anti-inflammation benefits: Hydrolysed collagen helps prevent and repair gut inflammation, and when partnered with probiotics it can improve symptoms of a bad gut. The amino acids, glycine and glutamine are particularly anti-inflammatory.
  • Strengthened gut lining: Collagen supports a healthier gut lining while probiotics help to maintain a more balanced gut microbiome. The amino acids in collagen can rebuild and strengthen your digestive tract lining as well, and a healthier gut makes it easier to absorb nutrients and probiotics.
  • Leaky gut prevention: Leaky gut syndrome is what happens when harmful substances leak through the intestinal wall and into the bloodstream. To help fight this condition, collagen can strengthen and prevent further breakdown of the intestinal lining. Probiotics also help by improving the balance of your gut microbiome and minimising the impact of gut leakage.

Meluka Australia’s Raw Honey Probiotic Concentrate with hydrolysed natural marine collagen– the best of both worlds

Looking for an easy way to include more collagen in your diet? Then our Collagen Probiotic Concentrate will provide a daily boost of at least 3,000mg of collagen.

You can find our Collagen Probiotic Concentrate and a wide range of Meluka Australia products at our online store. You can also get healthy ideas at our blog, and find tasty recipes for ongoing health and wellness.

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