Easy ways to enjoy the Gut Nutrition Powders

Received your Gut Nutrition powders and wondering how to use them? Here are some of our favourite ways to incorporate them to our day!

Give your gut the best start with a scoop of Clean+. Mix it into your yoghurt with your morning muesli or stir it into your choice of milk in a chia pudding.

Fruit Salad
Create a refreshing citrus syrup with a scoop of Clean+ and a squeeze of your favourite citrus. Mix it together with a serve of P3 Gut Builder or your favourite Raw Honey probiotic concentrate.

If you're in the mood for a savoury snack, add a scoop of Seal+ to your favourite dips like hummus and guacamole. Pair your dip with some veggie sticks to give your snack a prebiotic boost.

Amp up your summer smoothies with a scoop of Seal+ and a mix of gut-loving veggies and fruits. Our top picks this season are avocado, mangoes, kale and summer berries.

Mix a scoop of Care+ into your salad dressing or sprinkle over your salad just before mixing it.

Before heading out in the sun add a scoop of the Complete Gut Nutrition system into a bottle of water and shake it up. If you struggle to drink water on its own, freeze small pieces of fruit in ice trays. Add them to your water for a gradual infusion of flavour as the ice melts.


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