The link between Probiotics and Metabolic Health

A recent review found that probiotics can help improve metabolic health outcomes for adolescents. Conducted by researchers in China, the paper looked at the effect of probiotics on overweight and obese children for weight loss. Looking across four studies with 206 children, some participants were given probiotics, while others were given a placebo.


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The Gut-Metabolic Connection

The gut plays a crucial role in metabolic health, affecting digestion and nutrient absorption. It also impacts hormone and neurotransmitter production, influencing metabolism, satiety, cravings and eating habits. The paper found that probiotics might assist in lowering levels of certain substances in the body linked to fat metabolism and inflammation. These substances include leptin (a hormone promoting satiety), TNF-alpha (a protein associated with weight gain), and adiponectin (a hormone regulating blood sugar and fat metabolism). As we uncover more about the connection between the gut and metabolic health, prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics could play a key role in maintaining metabolic wellbeing.

How Probiotics & Collagen Can Help

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Raw Honey Probiotic Concentrate - with Hydrolysed Natural Marine Collagen


Effects of probiotic administration on overweight or obese children: a meta-analysis and systematic review, Ya Li, Tonghua Liu, Lingling Qin & Lili Wu

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